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I hope to offer the following classes soon. I am based in Champaign, Illinois, so most classes will be held near there. I am willing to travel a bit to teach, so let me know if you are near Champaign or the Chicago area (where I travel often) and we might be able to work something out. More information on location and how to sign up will be coming. Stay tuned!

Beginning Zentangle Class - $35 per person - includes kit with supplies. One 2-3 hour long class. I can plan a class for a group of friends, Bible Study, Team Building, Birthday Party, etc. This can be done for kids as well.

Intermediate Zentangle Class - $35 per person - includes tiles and pen. One 2-3 hour long class. Learn more complicated tangles & shading techniques. This is designed for those who have already  taken the Intro Class and want to learn more.

Private or semi-private lessons - $70 per hour - includes supplies. I can meet with one or two people for 2-3 hours. Lesson would be tailored to what techniques you'd like to work on.

Single Project Based Class - $30-$40 per person - includes supplies needed to make a  project. Price depends on supplies required. One 2-3 hour long class. I have tangled on Pumpkins, Easter Eggs, Valentines, Christmas Ornaments, Aprons, Canvas tote bags. Jewelry, Stones, Mugs, Plates.... You name it! This would be a theme based class to create a project. Let me know if you have something specific in mind.

Series of Zentangle Classes - $100 per person for 4 weekly classes 2 hours each. Supplies included.

Series #1 - Beginners

  • Class #1 - Review Basics, New Tangles, Shading

  • Class #2 - Black Tiles - Black paper with white pencil, gel pens and zenstone for shading

  • Class #3 - Renaissance Tiles - tan tiles - white, black and brown pens are used

  • Class #4 - Zendala Tiles - round tiles

Series #2 - Intermediate/Advanced

  • Class #5 - Complex Tangles , Tanglations and Shading

  • Class #6 - Bijou Tiles - these are extra small tiles

  • Class #7 - ATC Tiles - rectangular artist trading cards

  • Class #8 - Adding color

Corporate/Seminars - I am available to come and teach Zentangle at your workplace, conference or seminar. Zentangle can be a great way to promote mental and emotional well being as well as team building. Prices depend on size of group, if it's for a not-for-profit group, travel required, etc.

A Drop-In Tangle Time - Free! Could we find a convenient time and place  to get together to tangle? Maybe monthly? There would be no formal instruction. Perhaps those who come could bring samples of their work, share tangle patterns they are working on, bring ideas for projects. We would need to find a good place and time and make sure everyone feels comfortable and welcome. Go to the feedback form and let me know if you are interested and what days and times you'd be available.

Class Registration - Here is where to find classes currently being offered.