I’ve never been able to draw. Why do you think I’ll be able to do Zentangle?

I have loved arts and crafts my whole life, but never felt very accomplished at drawing. I took a drawing class in college. Not fun - even with naked models! I could never get my drawing to look like what they were supposed to. Zentangle is different. It’s not representational. It’s not supposed to look like anything. If you can draw a stick figure, you can make the shapes of the lines needed to do this. You will be surprised what you can accomplish, a line at a time.

2-3 hours seems like a long time for a class. Why don’t you have a one hour long class?

I know it seems like a long time, but the time goes by quickly and no one seems to get bored. Zentangle is a calm, deliberate, meditative process. You wouldn’t want to rush it. We usually take about an hour to an hour and a half to create our first tile. Then we take a break. After that, I usually let the class dictate what direction to go for the second half.

I’ve never had any interest in being an artist, so why would this appeal to me?

I believe that God is the ultimate creator. He created the intricate atoms, DNA and cells that make up our beings as well as the magnificent splendor of the universe. He created us in His likeness and so I believe that means He wants us to be creative as well. Even if you feel you are a more “left brain” - analytical, linear thinker, you might be surprised what will happen if you stretch your “right brain” - creative side.  Give it a try. See what you think.

I've never been able to meditate. Why would Zentangle work when other forms of meditation haven't?

I have tried to learn to meditate over the years. I have found it frustrating at times and haven't been very successful. I find it difficult to quiet my mind. Zentangle allows me to focus only on the line I am drawing. It helps me to remain very much in the present. My mind can't jump to items on my to do list, to future worries, to past problems, or anything other than a small tile of paper. 

Isn't it just doodling? It looks like something I drew on my notebooks in middle school. Why do I need a class to learn how to doodle?

I can see where some people might think that, but Zentangle really is different than doodling. There is a ceremony or ritual to it that take it to another level. Studies have shown that doodling while in a meeting or lecture can actually help you retain the information you are listening to. But as you are listening to the speaker, you are MINDLESSLY doodling. Zentangle is somewhat the opposite. When you are creating a Zentangle, you are being completely MINDFUL. You are SO focused on what you are doing that everything else melts away into total relaxation.

Where will the classes be held?

I live in Champaign, Illinois and so most classes will be in this area. I have taught classes in Mattoon, the Chicago area and even while on vacation in Arizona. If you are interested in a class, let me know. If you are too far for me to travel to you, I might be able to help you find another Certified Zentangle Teacher closer by. I am looking for venues where I can hold classes in the Champaign, area. If you have ideas or suggestions, please let me know!!!