A Fun Way to Spend a Sunday

A few weeks ago, I had a great time teaching Zentangle to some friends. One of them had purchased the class at Page's ALS Challenge auction. I was happy to donate the class to such a worthwhile event and looked forward to teaching the group. Everyone seemed to have a great time. I think many felt surprised they were able to create the tiles they did.

Here goes...

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and tried something completely new and slightly scary? Did you tiptoe into it or jump right in? Were you glad you did or did you regret it?

So here goes... I've never started a website before. I'm not an accomplished blogger. I'm stepping into uncharted territory for me and feeling just slightly intimidated. I've never really been a big fan of change. Yet, I also know change - especially growth type of change - can be a good thing. I've been teaching Zentangle for about two and a half years now - to friends, family, church groups and occasionally to groups I don't know well. Mainly, it's been fun sharing my passion with those who are supportive and encouraging. But if you stay in the kiddie pool, you never really learn how to swim. I'm getting ready to dive in. 

I'll be teaching a class at the Champaign Public Library in a few weeks. This website will be launching any day. My business cards are ready. Brochures are planned. I still need to line up venues for classes and get a few more things in place, but I'm feeling ready for the plunge. Drowning is highly unlikely. Not with great training, a loving and supportive family, and the passion and enthusiasm I have for Zentangle. There may be a bit of flailing about at first, but knowing to take things A LINE AT A TIME will have me swimming along in no time. If you are reading this, be careful - you may be in the splash zone!